Kaomoji is japanese emoticon usually used by Japanese People to show their feeling to another . By using kaomoji you can show your friend your feeling with funny letter. Try this. I hope you can make your friend laugh and understand your feeling.

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Kaomoji came from Japan. Literally, "Kao" means the face / face, and "Moji" means the letters / characters. So, could mean that kaomoji are the letters that may reflect facial expressions.

Kaomoji this kind of "face mark". Face mark made in America. Kaomoji made in Japan, Kaomoji better than face the American mark. Because the mark was laid face, hard to see. But the Japanese kaomoji normal straight course.

Views kaomoji japan made more expressive, than the appearance of face marks made in America, such as =- (or:-P or :-). Understand it was not necessary memiring-tilt your head. Quite a bit of imagination to look at it straight, as we read the usual. The elements composing the special character usually consists of a facial close parenthesis, quotation marks as the eyes, and underscores the mouth.

Sometimes we can even add hand movements to insert a specific character. At first glance the figures are similar to Japanese-style cartoon. His face was round, with typical cartoon anime eye expressions. Its main elements are the characters that make up the brackets and lines the cheeks and under which forms the mouth.

For example, (^_^) used to express a smile, or being happy. If smiles were forced, to eliminate everything kurungnya mark, making it ^ _ ^. Want to use hand expression? Could be. For example, want to salute the sign thumbs, live type like this (^_^) d In addition, you also can display the symbol of sweat or tears are flowing like (^ ^;) or (T_T).

Kaomoji is quite flexible. With the basic characters, you can still create further to create a more unique symbol of expression. For example, when you're air-ria chat with your friends, and asked what you are doing, you can answer with a unique style of anime.

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