Kaomoji is japanese emoticon usually used by Japanese People to show their feeling to another . By using kaomoji you can show your friend your feeling with funny letter. Try this. I hope you can make your friend laugh and understand your feeling.

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To show you have captured something or someone, use these emoticons....

(-_-#)/-----Co(_ _o)))))

( ・_・)*――――――∞C< /― _-)/

(-_-#)/-----Co(_ _o)))))

チット コイ! (・_・ )―――Cミ:D)┼─<)))ズリズリ

(・_・ )―――――C<―_-))))))スリスリ

はしっ!(ノ~-~(; ̄□ ̄)ゝなぬっ?

(?・・)ル(^^*)ノ タッチ

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